Classical Acupuncture is part of the traditional healing systems of East Asia, and has been used throughout the region for many thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions, including musculo-skeletal problems, headaches, digestive disorders, emotional issues and infertility. Through the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture works to subtly balance the body’s energy flows and organ systems, helping the body to find its own way back to health.

Over the centuries, a sophisticated system of diagnosis and medical theory has developed around the practice of acupuncture. A typical treatment will therefore begin by taking a thorough case history, followed by close examination of the pulse, tongue and body of the patient. Appropriate points are then selected and the needles inserted.

The needles are all sterile, pre-packaged and single-use. They are many times thinner than a syringe, and patients are often pleasantly surprised at the relatively painless nature of the treatment. Patients may experience various sensations within the body once the needles are inserted – dull aches, tingling, heat or movement are commonly reported.

Ancilliary therapies are also sometimes employed alongside needles, including cupping, massage and the application of moxa, a warming herb. Patients are initially seen once weekly or fortnightly, and can expect to see results within a few treatments. Acute problems often respond quickly, whereas chronic conditions can take more time to respond.


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